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"This is me, yo, right here?"

Wallace is a young drug dealer in the Barksdale crew's low rise projects organization (called The Pit) under D'Angelo Barksdale. Wallace was friends with other dealers Poot Carr and Bodie Broadus. Wallace is in fact his surname, it is never revealed what his given name is.


Wallace was first seen in the pilot when D'Angelo first meets him. Wallace jocularly asks how D'Angelo was demoted, which D'Angelo replied that he killed "a nigga". Later, Wallace received counterfeit dollars from Bubbles and Johnny Weeks, though he was unaware and blinded of the money. D'Angelo realizes that the money is counterfeit and chastises Wallace for his blindness before dismissing him. The next time, Wallace is given the same counterfeit dollars by Johnny Weeks, which he fails to notice due to his focus on a costumer impolitely asking for change. Bodie takes notice and the crew confront Weeks. D'Angelo takes a real $10 dollar bill from Weeks without taking action. The young dealers brutally beat Weeks and he lands in the emergency room with severe injuries (particularly from Wallace smashing a glass bottle onto Weeks' head). The next time we see him, Wallace is eating McNuggets with Poot and expresses his liking to it. Also, Wallace and Bodie had troubles with a game of chess and D'Angelo helps them by representing the pieces as Avon, Stringer and the other Barksdale enforcers/drug dealers.

After Omar Little and his crew robbed the pit crew's stash of drugs, Avon immediate placed a bounty on him and his crew. Wallace wasn't present at either the robbery and police raid, which results in Bodie's beating by the police and also the arrests of many Barksdale drug dealers. After Bodie had escaped the police and returned to Baltimore, Wallace is forced to betray his own age after he is seen by Bodie playing with a toy. Bodie smashes a bottle near him, causing a minor injury on Wallace's forehead. Later with Poot and Wallace visiting an arcade, Poot recognizes Brandon Wright, one of Omar's accompliances and boyfriend, playing pinball and he points him out to Wallace, who decides to call D'Angelo to pass the information on. Both Wallace and Poot waited outside the arcade for Stringer Bell to arrive. Wallace pointed Brandon out to Stringer, who had his men consisting of Stinkum, Wee-Bey and Bird handcuff Brandon and later torture him to death and his body was displayed on the hood of a car, coincidentally outside of Wallace's home. After Poot and Wallce gathered food for children in their home, the young dealers visit the crime scene of Brandon's body. Poot is unaffected though a little sickened of Brandon's maimed corpse while Wallace becomes saddened in guilt for his involvement. For most of the day, Wallace expresses his disdain of the corpse to D'Angelo, who reminds him that murdering Brandon is "part of the game". Avon, alongside Stringer and Stinkum, visits The Pit, to give the 25% of Brandon's bounty to Wallace for "doing the scope" and also for D'Angelo for "doing the relay". This however increases Wallace's guilt even more. He approached D'Angelo and told him he wanted to go back to school - D'Angelo is friendly and supportive and gives him some cash. Poot soon found that Wallace had spent the money on drugs and was spending most of his time at home, as a way for him to give up his memories of Brandon. Wallace had been skipping work for him, much to Poot's disappointment. Poot encounters Wallace in his bedroom, where the latter is mostly sleeping and some of his cornrows are took out, and Wallace asks for money as he again refuses to go work. An orphan asks him for help on his homework, he at first is confused but Wallace takes the problem as a drug dealing process, which he answers correctly. He questions him of how not getting the answer earlier, which he replies "count be wrong they fuck you up."

Wallace was picked up by the police. At the police station, without brute force from the officers and without hesitation, he revealed Stinger's involvement in the killing of Omar's boyfriend Brandon. In order to keep him safe until the time came to testify, the detail sent Wallace to live with his grandmother in rural Cambridge, Maryland. After detective Kima Greggs was shot in an undercover operation, the Barksdale detail became so preoccupied with her condition that Wallace was temporarily forgotten. In the next episode after Gregg's shooting, he kept in contact with Poot and stated that he decided to live with his family in the country. However, this bored him and he soon realized his mistake for cooperating with the police, and he returned to the low-rise projects and asked to get involved in the trade again. Bodie suggested he would have to take a demotion but D'Angelo welcomed him back. Bodie and Poot are friendly towards their friend. Stringer Bell became suspicious of Wallace's return and questioned D'Angelo about him. D'Angelo unsuccessfully tried to reassure Stringer of Wallace's loyalty but Stringer remained unconvinced and assigned Bodie to kill Wallace. Bodie then tells Poot that he has been assigned to kill their own friend. At first, Poot is reluctant to participate since he believes that Wallace wasn't a snitch but after considering about Wallace's mental suffering of Brandon, which Poot decides to go along with. Bodie and Poot then spent the day with Wallace, eating at a local restaurant and at night, take him home. When they arrive, the orphans are nowhere to be found and, seeing the oppurtunity, Bodie pulls out his gun and aims it at Wallace, revealing his and Poot's intentions once they had him cornered. Wallace begged for mercy because of their friendship, which only causes Bodie to express his disgust towards Wallace for snitching to the police. Bodie tells him that he brought the penalty on himself, and when the nervous Wallace starts crying, Bodie orders him to be a man. He hesitates to shoot Wallace until Poot urges him, and he fires, hitting Wallace in the abdomen. He continues to show reluctance after shooting his friend and Poot takes the gun and finishes him off with two bullet wounds to the face. The two then leave his body behind.

D'Angelo was outraged by Wallace's death, and it was one of the factors that led D'Angelo to want to leave "the game" himself. It also drove a permanent wedge between Stringer and himself.

Personality Edit

Wallace is naive, but somewhat intelligent from his half-finished education, as he is able to point out several famous icons. Wallace is eager to learn the drug trade and was able to handle the drug business until the event that changed his desperate intentions - Brandon's death. This results Wallace's intentions of the drug trade to vanish and he somewhat attempts to take drugs as a way to escape his bad memories. Wallace's naive persona increases as the show progresses. He becomes in supportive terms with D'Angelo.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wallace is played by Michael B. Jordan. Creator David Simon has described Wallace as an emotional centre to the show's first season and praised Jordan's performance, saying that he was sorry the character had to leave but that the story comes first. Simon sees the character as an illustration of the adage "a 14 year old drug dealer is still 14."[1]


Season 1 appearances
"The Target" "The Detail" "The Buys" "Old Cases" "The Pager"
"The Wire" "One Arrest" "Lessons" "Game Day" "The Cost"
"The Hunt" "Cleaning Up" "Sentencing"


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