Vernon "Ott" Motley, played by Bus Howard, is a moustached older African-American stevedore often seen drinking in Delores' bar.


Ott was arrested on a DWI charge as part of Major Valchek's vendetta against the union. He was released on bail later the same day. Frank's response was to have Horseface steal a surveillance van from Valchek's district parking lot; Ott helped to load the van into a container to be shipped around the country.

Ott was set to take over from Frank as treasurer when the next election came around, per the Stevedores' arrangement that the position swap between a Polish and African-American after each term. Ott was supported by his friend Nat Coxson, president of another local union. Ott realized that Frank planned to run again and was angry that he was not honoring the agreement. When Frank was murdered, Ott withdrew his candidacy as a show of unity against the federal government's attempt to break up the union.


Season two appearances
Ebb Tide Collateral Damage Hot Shots Hard Cases Undertow
All Prologue Backwash Duck and Cover Stray Rounds Storm Warnings
Bad Dreams Port in a Storm

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