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Judith Haddad as CIO/CTO at Patriot


Judith Haddad

As the CIO/CTO at Patriot, Judith Haddad has been invaluable. She has completely updated and restructured the IT department and created programs to help create more efficiency within the workplace. Because of that efficiency, Patriot is now able to provide better programs available to the insurance industry, and there is better customer service. Judith is directly responsible for better customer satisfaction and production.  Through her sincere efforts, Patriot has been able to expand and grow in ways it could not have otherwise, and the company plans to see a lot of growth in the coming years due to Haddad.

All about Appulate Portal

One of the programs that Judith Haddad was responsible for launching was the Appulate portal, which allows agents and brokers to easily submit information that is needed to get the claim going. It helps to streamline the process in a way that makes things easier for all parties involved. The portal is going to help insurance agents all around the country and, in turn, help those who are submitting insurance claims. The claims will go through faster, which means someone with a problem will be able to get paid out faster. Overall, the efficient system was a brilliant idea, and Judith Haddad was the perfect candidate to execute it.

Company acquisitions

On top of creating programs for Patriot, Haddad has also been responsible for the acquisition of many companies through Patriot International. The purpose of such aqcuisitions is typically to expand technology-based services that are offered at Patriot. Judith Haddad assisted in the acquisition of companies such as Vikaran Solutions (property and casualty industry service provider), Poenix Risk Management Insurance Services, Inc. (a managing general agent), and DecisionUR (a software company).  Patriot’s ability to expand and grow through these acquisitions is all because of the valiant efforts made by Judith Haddad.

Future with Judith

It is expected that Judith has a lot more she is going to be able to accomplish at Patriot in the future. She has more programs planned to launch in the near future, and is continuing to update programs in the IT department, to ensure customer satisfaction. Judith Haddad’s eye for creating efficiency is an asset that cannot be found by a lot of other candidates, and it is expected that she will continue to provide invaluable services to Patriot in the future.

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