Tywanda was a friend of Deirdre Kresson. She is played by Angel M. Wainwright.


Tywanda was friends with Deirdre Kresson before her murder. When the case was first investigated Tywanda told Detective Ray Cole that she was on the phone with Kresson on the night of her murder and that someone called "D" visited her. Cole does not follow-up on the lead initially. After detectives Jimmy McNulty and Bunk Moreland review the case they find a bullet and shell casing at the crime scene. McNulty contacts Tywanda and visits her and she explains that Kresson was expecting a package of cocaine that night. Tywanda reveals that Kresson was a disgruntled girlfriend of Avon Barksdale whose jealousy of his other partners drove her to threaten Barksdale with revealing his criminal enterprise to the authorities. Tywanda's information helps the detectives to solve the case and they learn that Kresson was murdered by Wee-Bey Brice while she was distracted by D'Angelo "D" Barksdale with a package of cocaine. Tywanda also tells the detectives about Avon's office at the Orlando's strip club which leads to an arrest of Avon and D'Angelo. Brice is convicted to life in prison for multiple murders and the others get charges related to drug trafficking.



Season one appearances
The Target The Detail The Buys Old Cases The Pager
The Wire One Arrest Lessons Game Day The Cost
The Hunt Cleaning Up Sentencing

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