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The Sopranos is an American television drama series originally broadcast in the United States on HBO. It shares several cast and crew members with The Wire.

Shared cast membersEdit

  • John Doman plays a District Attorney in the season 2 The Sopranos episode "Full Leather Jacket" and stars as caustic police commissioner William Rawls in The Wire.
  • Michael K. Williams plays Ray Ray in the season 3 The Sopranos episode "Army of One" and stick-up man Omar Little in The Wire.
  • J.D. Williams plays inept hold up man Special K in the season 1 The Sopranos episode "46 Long" and drug dealer Bodie Broadus on The Wire.
  • Brian Anthony Wilson plays gambling shop manager Warren Dupree in the season 3 The Sopranos episode "Fortunate Son" and homicide detective Vernon Holley in The Wire.
  • Joey Perillo plays property developed John Stefano in the sixth season of The Sopranos and a medical examiner in the fifth season of The Wire.
  • Charley Scalies appears as Coach Molinaro in Test Dream, Season 5 of The Sopranos and as Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa in all Season Two episodes of The Wire.
  • Michael Kostroff can be heard speaking in a sleep drug commercial in the background of Season 6 Episode 19 of The Sopranos.



  • Chris Collins served as a writer's assistant and a production co-ordinator on the final season of The Sopranos and as a script co-ordinator, staff writer and story editor on the last three seasons of The Wire.

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