the Stanfield Organization is a criminal organization led by Marlo Stanfield. It is introduced in Season three of The Wire. In Season four, when the rival Barksdale Organization is destroyed, they become the most powerful drug dealers in West Baltimore.



Marlo StanfieldEdit

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A rising Gang Leader who got into a turf war with the Barksdale Organization following Avon Barksdale's release. Stanfield became the key West Baltimore drug kingpin following Barksdale's arrest.

"Monk" MetcalfEdit

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Monk is Marlo's buffer between himself and the day to day running of the organization. He is responsible for resupplying the Stanfield drug dealers and making collections.

Chris PartlowEdit

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Chris Partlow is Marlo's most trusted enforcer.


Felicia "Snoop" PearsonEdit

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Snoop is a vicious female enforcer.


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Tote is a an aggressive enforcer.


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LaTroy is a a Stanfield enforcer killed by the Barksdale Organization.

Michael LeeEdit

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Michael Lee is a soft-spoken middle school pupil who gets taken under the wing of Marlo and Chris in Season four.


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O-Dog is a young enforcer who is being trained by Chris Partlow.

Savino BrattonEdit

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Savino is a veteran enforcer who previously worked for the Barksdale Organization.


Bodie BroadusEdit

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Bodie was a dealer who came of age working for Avon Barksdale. After the Barksdale organization dissolves, he is briefly independent (supplied by the New Day Co-Op) until Marlo Stanfield forces him to take his package.


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Fruit is a crew chief in the Stanfield organization.


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Jamal is a young drug dealer in Fruit's crew.


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Justin is a young drug dealer in Fruit's crew who also boxes at Cutty's gym.


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Little KevinEdit

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Travyone is a conerboy that hangs with Namond Micheal Randy Duquan Kanard donut in the season 4 finale who allways get into troble with officer walker first time in a stolen car with donut second time eating stolen candy from the store with Kenard thrid time passing out flyers on the street with Duquan forth time recording movies and selling them with Randy another time jumping a kid with Micheal and Namond.



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Vinson is the owner of a rim-shop and an advisor to Marlo Stanfield.

Old Face AndreEdit

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Old Face Andre is the owner of a convenience store that acts as a Stanfield stash house.