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Major Crimes UnitEdit

Western DistrictEdit








New Day Co-OpEdit

Members of Proposition Joe's OrganizationEdit

Members of Barksdale gangEdit

Members of Stanfield OrganizationEdit

Omar's crewEdit


  • Brother Mouzone - a bow-tie wearing mercenary
  • Lamar - Brother Mouzone's second
  • Dazz - an independent East Side drug dealer with his own crew
  • Jelly - Dazz's second
  • Sherrod - a young drug dealer in Dazz's crew
  • Grace Sampson - a middle school teacher
  • Queenie Sampson - a drug addict and Grace's sister
  • Frank Reid - a politically connected reverend
  • The Deacon - an influential church man
  • Roman - a community basketball coach
  • Gene - a public health academic
  • Principal - a middle school principal played by real life educator Vera Holley
  • Landscaping boss - an ex-con who employs Cutty
  • Bruiser - a neighbourhood alcoholic and witness to the Pimlico double homicide
  • Baniski - a reporter
  • Bubbles - confidential informant and T-shirt salesman
  • Johnny Weeks - Bubbles friend
  • Devonne - Avon's honey trap

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