Sam is a crewman on the Atlantic Light. He is involved in human trafficking with The Greeks. While transporting a container of sex-trade "merchandise", Sam pimps the women out to his colleagues. When one girl refuses to cooperate, Sam beats her to death. He panics and hammers closed the air pipe on the container, leaving the rest of the girls to suffocate. Sam flees the ship in Philadelphia, but is caught by the Greek's enforcer Sergei Malatov. He is interrogated by The Greek himself and then murdered by Spiros Vondas. Lester Freamon identifies his headless and handless corpse via his tatoos, and Malatov is later charged with the murder.



Season two appearances
Ebb Tide Collateral Damage Hot Shots Hard Cases Undertow
All Prologue Backwash Duck and Cover Stray Rounds Storm Warnings
Bad Dreams Port in a Storm

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