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Fat Face Rick

Ricardo Hendrix also known as Fat-Face Rick is a drug kingpin from Baltimore's Veronica Avenue, on the East Side. He is always seen smoking (sometimes a cigar, sometimes a cigarette). He is played by Troj Marquis Strickland.


Fat-Face Rick is among the first to join the New Day Co-Op. He is the loudest voice warning Stringer Bell when Avon Barksdale is warring with Marlo Stanfield. Rick and Phil-Boy assist Proposition Joe when he gives Stringer Bell the ultimatum, to either end the war with Stanfield or lose access to the high-quality heroin.

After the fall of the Barksdales Rick is the first to bring up the idea that Stanfield should work with the Co-Op against the encroachment from New York dealers. Later, he leads the quorum confronting Proposition Joe, after Omar Little has stolen the Co-Op's package.

In season five Rick faces relocation issues along with many other East side traffickers. As the area is redeveloped by the city council the ghetto is moved outside the county line. Rick appears in a story in the Baltimore Sun when his strip-club, named Desperado, is relocated by the city council. They buy the property for $1,200,000 dollars and sell him city owned propert outside of town from $200,000 netting Rick a million dollars. The Sun also exposes campaign contributions to city council president Nerese Campbell from both Rick himself and people using the address of his bar.[1]6

Later Omar Little confronts Rick as he enters Boots Bail Bonds with a glass bottle held to the back of his neck, steals his gun, and instructs Rick to relay Omar's open defiance of Marlo Stanfield. Rick asks Omar to confirm Marlo's claim during the co-op meeting that he had killed Proposition Joe and Hungry Man, and is unsurprised when Omar denies it.

While the co-op members are discussing purchasing the drug connection from Marlo, Cheese threatens Rick with a gun when he brings up how good the co-op had it when Proposition Joe was running things and regrets teaming up with Marlo. However, Slim Charles shoots Cheese while he is berating him for his nostalgia.

Rick appears in the final episode montage re-establishing the supply connection with Spiros Vondas with Slim Charles after Marlo is forced to relinquish it.


Season three

Season four

Season five


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