Nat Coxson, played by Luray Cooper, is a bald-headed African-American stevedore who is a union president.


Nat is dubious of Frank Sobotka's political maneuvering. Nat is a firm believer that the unions should focus on repairing the disused granary pier before it is bought by property developers. He opposes Frank's efforts to have the canal dredged as he believes that this is a goal beyond their reach. Nat is concerned about Frank's surge in income and spending on campaign contributions and hiring a lobbyist. He questions Frank about the source of the funds and when Frank refuses to answer Nat cautions him about the risks of showing so much money.

Nat is an advocate for Ott in the forthcoming union election. He expects Frank to stand down to let Ott take his place as the unions have an arrangement that Polish and African American leaders will alternate. Frank asks Nat to allow him to continue for a second term to try and achieve his political goals and Nat is dubious. When Frank is murdered, Nat is horrified along with the other Stevedores. Nat's worst fears are ultimately realized when the grain pier is converted into condominiums.


Season two appearances
Ebb Tide Collateral Damage Hot Shots Hard Cases Undertow
All Prologue Backwash Duck and Cover Stray Rounds Storm Warnings
Bad Dreams Port in a Storm

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