Madame LaRue is a psychic with experience in matters of death investigation. She is played by Robin Skye.


Sergeant Jay Landsman sends Detective Michael Santangelo to LaRue when he is given an ultimatum to solve a case by Major William Rawls. LaRue advises Santangelo to visit the victims grave. Bury a statue in the ground, wait a full hour, dig it up and then sleep with it under his pillow. LaRue claims that the answer will come to him when he wakes. Santangelo follows her instructions and does manage to clear a case. However the case is not the one he asked for her advice on and is solved by the efforts of his squad mates Jimmy McNulty and Bunk Moreland.



Season one appearances
The Target The Detail The Buys Old Cases The Pager
The Wire One Arrest Lessons Game Day The Cost
The Hunt Cleaning Up Sentencing

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