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Kenard is a younger member of Namond Brice's circle of friends from Edward Tilghman middle school. Kenard lives alone on the streets of Baltimore. He is also friends with Donut. He works with Donut and Randy Wagstaff delivering flyers on election day. He also works with Namond, Donut and Byron selling drugs. Despite being the youngest of his friends he is consistently the most profane. After attempting to steal from Namond, he is savagely beaten by Michael. However, in the Season 4 finale, Kenard is seen working Michael's new corner with Dukie. He (Kenard) approached Prez, who was watching Dukie from afar, for a drug purchase.

Kenard shows a fearless attitude, even in the presence of Omar Little, whom is highly feared among drug crews throughout the series. In the fifth season episode, Clarifications, Omar is spotted by Kenard while he walks around corners owned by Marlo, hobbling because of his injured leg, robbing Marlo's dealers and dumping their re-ups down sewer drains and challenging the young drug lord to face him in the streets. Kenard follows Omar into a Korean-owned convenience store; Omar pays little attention to Kenard, giving him only a sidelong glance and dismissing him as a child. Kenard shoots Omar through the head, killing him. In the series finale, -30-, Kenard is seen being led away in handcuffs by detective Michael Crutchfield, the officer investigating Omar's murder.

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