The Wire- Jimmy Walker

Eddie Walker

Eddie Walker is a corrupt patrol officer in the Western District.


Walker is a corrupt African American patrolmen in the Western District. He appears very hateful towards poor African Americans (He told the children to "get back on the reservation") and is known as being both crooked and antagonistic on the street. He is feared and loathed by Namond, Michael, and the other young drug dealers as he is seen brutalizing them often with or without provocation. He is first seen stealing money from Randy. Later, he steals bootleg DVDs from Bubbles. He is the arresting officer for Omar Little, stealing a ring from him in the process. After Walker breaks Donut's fingers merely for giving him more paper work to do after a car chase, Michael orchestrates an act of revenge on him, robbing him at gunpoint of money (and the ring) and throwing yellow paint on him. Walker tells fellow officers that he was attacked by Bloods[1]. Walker's attitude earns him the respect of more zealous officers and the dislike of officers such as Jimmy McNulty.

Behind the scenesEdit

Walker is played by Jonnie Louis Brown.


Season four

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