Chiquan (whose surname is not given) was a female student in Roland Pryzbylewski's math class at Tilghman Middle School. She is often a disruptive student who refused to sit next to Dukie Weems because of his offensive body odor.

Chiquan had a personal conflict with another disruptive student, Laetitia. An incident in class between the two of them where Chiquan used the crystal on her wristwatch to flash sunlight at Laetitia's face resulted in a brief fight, broken up by Prez. In a later class session, Chiquan once again antagonized Laetitia, who, armed with a boxcutter, slashed the side of Chiquan's face. Chiquan immediately fell to the floor, bleeding heavily and her attacker was left in a severe state of shock after being disarmed by Grace Sampson.

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