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Brother Mouzone
First appearance "Stray Rounds"
Last appearance "Mission Accomplished"
Gender Male

Year of Death Hit man

  • Played by: Michael Potts
  • Appears in:
Season two: "Stray Rounds"; "Storm Warnings"; "Bad Dreams" and "Port in a Storm".
Season three: "Reformation"; "Middle Ground" and "Mission Accomplished".

Brother Mouzone is a hitman from New York. "The Brother" does not fit the usual picture of a hitman, always wearing a suit, bowtie, and glasses, speaking politely, and reading magazines such as Harper's and The Nation. He acts in a manner typically associated with the Nation of Islam, more particularly its military wing, the Fruit of Islam, but is never specified to belong to either (usually anti-drug) organization. He is always accompanied by his bodyguard Lamar.

Avon Barksdale hired him to protect the weakened Barksdale operation from Proposition Joe's dealers, who were working the Barksdale towers as part of a secret agreement between Stringer Bell and Proposition Joe. On Brother Mouzone's arrival, he made a brief and comically polite request to Proposition Joe's nephew and head of his tower operations, "Cheese", that he stop dealing in the towers. After a few words of amused toleration, Cheese and his lieutenants tried to jump Brother Mouzone, which caused the Brother to abruptly shoot Cheese in the shoulder at close range with a shell filled with rat shot (plastic pellets)—a very painful but not lethal piece of ammunition. He then told Cheese that the next bullet in gun was a copper jacketed hollow point bullet, a most definitely lethal shot. Cheese made off quickly (to which Brother Mouzone bid him a polite farewell), and after that Proposition Joe's dealers were so intimidated that all Brother Mouzone had to do to keep them away was sit on a nearby bench reading magazines. Bodie, impressed, remarked of Mouzone's power to keep Prop Joe's men at bay while merely reading his magazines, "That's real muscle."

While Brother Mouzone quickly achieved Avon's goal of keeping the towers his and his alone, it brought a halt to Stringer Bell and Prop Joe's covert plan to divide the business there between their organizations. Prop Joe, aware and fearful of Brother Mouzone's reputation, could see no way to restore it, saying of Mouzone that he had more deaths to his name "than a Chinese cemetary." Stringer, however, believed Omar Little to be more than Mouzone's equal, and that Omar would take him on as a target if he believed Mouzone was responsible for the brutal murder of his boyfriend Brandon. Stringer was right, and not long after planting the lie in Omar's mind, Omar confronted Mouzone and shot him. However, Brother Mouzone's calm in the face of death made Omar realize that Stringer tricked him and called an ambulance for Brother Mouzone himself. Visiting the Brother in the hospital and unaware that Omar had discovered the truth, which in turn caused the Brother to realize Stringer had set him up, Stringer was unprepared for the Brother's announcement that their agreement was "absolved", and that he would be returning to New York.

Mousing and Omar
Gunman6Added by Gunman6

In season three, Mouzone returned to Baltimore to search for Omar. He located Omar's current boyfriend Dante with advice from Baltimore local [[Vinson]]. Mouzone beat Dante until he revealed Omar's whereabouts. After he tracked Omar down he suggested that they team up to kill Stringer Bell. Brother Mouzone then confronted Avon Barksdale with the true facts of his shooting, and demanded he give Stringer up or face the loss of his reputation with his suppliers, effectively threatening Avon with the collapse of the Barksdale organization itself. Avon gave Mouzone a time and a place to find Stringer, realizing it was the only way to satisfy Mouzone's vengeance and save his business. Omar and Mouzone planned an ambush and killed Stringer together—ironically, they shoot him in a building he is developing as part of his legal businesses. Before returning to New York, Mouzone released Dante and gave Omar his weapon to dispose of.[1][2]

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