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100 Centre Street was a short lived courtroom television drama created by Sidney Lumet and starring Alan Arkin. The show takes its name for the street address of the criminal division of the New York Supreme Court for New York County. The show aired in the United States on the A&E Network cable television channel from 2001-2002. Some called it a more gritty and accurate version of Law & Order, although unlike Law & Order, 100 Centre Street focused more on the personal lives of its characters. It shares several cast and crew members with The Wire.

Shared cast membersEdit

  • Amy Ryan has a recurring role as Rebecca Rifkind in season 1 and 2 of 100 Centre Street and stars as Beadie Russell in The Wire.
  • J.D. Williams as a recurring role as William Floyd in season 1 of 100 Centre Street and stars as drug dealer Bodie Broadus in The Wire.
  • John Doman appears in the season 1 100 Centre Street episode "Hostage" and stars as caustic police commander William Rawls in The Wire.
  • Antonio D. Charity plays Mr. Ward in the season 1 100 Centre Street episode "A Shot in the Dark" and has a recurring role as Corrections Officer Dwight Tilghman in season 2 of The Wire.
  • Lance Reddick plays Kwame Sekou in the season 2 100 Centre Street episode "Fathers" and stars as ascendant police commander Cedric Daniels in The Wire.

Shared crew membersEdit

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